Our Story


Inspired by the work of the humble honeybee, we’ve lovingly produced BEEKON, a new alcohol category called ‘honey refresher’, which is lightly carbonated and is made from only honey, water and yeast. BEEKON offers a perfect alternative to those looking for a drink with wholesome ingredients, no nasty additives, sulphites, or colourants. Another refreshing benefit is that it is wheat free, for all the gluten rejectors amongst us. BEEKON Batches was born to capture a taste of nature at a point in time.

Produced right here in Ireland, BEEKON comes in an innovative stylish bottle which is inspired by the shape of the beehive which is where our trusty bee friends conduct their honey making business.  

A ‘honey refresher’ is a brand new alcohol category which is unique in its production and taste. In developing the brand, our founder, Karen O’Neill noted the dynamic nature of the bees and the impact they have on the world through collaboration and hard work.


She wanted to create a drink that paid homage to the bees and their precious output, honey. After much research into the life of the bee, BEEKON came to BEE. The name, like the thinking, is based on the idea of collaboration between the BEES and its founder Karen O’Neill (BEE-KON).  

Taking our lead from the bees, BEEKON creates the most natural products possible through simple production methods and fresh ingredients.

People no longer consume products blindly, they want to know they are being good to themselves while also making a positive contribution to the world around them. Eating and drinking has become a huge part of this process. BEEKON offers an alternative to those who want to experience great taste in the most natural way possible.


 5% Alcohol Honey Refresher
 What is it? 

Honey, water and yeast product base, Honey refreshers is a 5% carbonated alcohol product. 100% natural, it should contain any sulphites or preservatives.  Honey refreshers can be infused with natural ingredients.






5% ABV
At BEEKON we recognise that people are looking for lower ABV, healthier alternatives to wine and beer.

Classic is a lightly carbonated alternative, available at 5% alcohol and in two flavours, Classic BEEKON Honey Refresher, which contains Argentinian wildflower honey ( Image)


Ginger & Lime


5% ABV

Or the ginger lovers amongst us, there’s a Ginger & Lime BEEKON. Flavoursome & fresh in taste, our drink provides crisp refreshment through the combination of our honey, ginger and lime notes.


Best enjoyed…

For the ultimate refreshment and taste experience, soak up the sunset whilst savouring a BEEKON with good friends, on a rooftop terrace or in a buzzing beer garden, best enjoyed chilled. 

Time to get refreshed.