Made using the most natural of ingredients, Honey, Water, Yeast infused with fresh additions such as lemon, lime or ginger.




Classic Beekon Honey Refresher contains Argentinian Wildflower Honey.  Lightly carbonated it gives you a crisp, refreshing experience and at 5% abv, it’s a wonderful alternative to prosecco, beer or cider

Best Enjoyed...
For the ultimate refreshment and taste experience, soak up the sunset whilst savouring a BEEKON with good friends, on a rooftop terrace or in a buzzing beer garden, best enjoyed chilled. 


At BEEKON we like natural. We don’t like the idea of consuming chemicals and sulphites in our food and drink. We suspect, you don’t either.

BEEKON has the benefit of being gluten, sulphite and additive free, for all the gluten rejectors amongst us. BEEKON Batches was born to capture a taste of nature at a point in time.


Ginger & Lime


5% ABV

Or the ginger lovers amongst us, there’s a Ginger & Lime BEEKON. Flavoursome & fresh in taste, our drink provides crisp refreshment through the combination of our honey, ginger and lime notes.


 5% Honey Refresher - What is it?

The honey refresher is an entirely new drink. A new category for consumers who choose to drink better.
5% alcohol, carbonated, made from honey and infused with natural ingredients such as lemon, lime or ginger. 100% Natural, it doesn’t contain any sulphites, preservatives or gluten.